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NASA Wins Big – Yet Supporters Hardly Take Notice

By Keith Cowing
November 22, 2004

Editor’s note: NASA won an impressive legislative victory this past weekend when Congress voted to give the agency virtually everything the President asked for so as to begin the implementation of the space policy he announced earlier this year. Curiously, the response from those who were pushing for such action has been rather tepid. In some cases there has been no reaction at all.

The Space Foundation put out a press release today expressing pleasure about Congressional action on NASA’s budget. However, this release makes no mention of the Coalition for Space Exploration, an organization designed to promote the new “Vision for Space Exploration” that the Foundation it is paid a large sum of money to run by major U.S. aerospace companies.

As far as the Space Exploration Alliance, a confederation of the nation’s space advocacy groups is concerned, the lack of a response is even more curious. No press release representing the Space Exploration Alliance has been issued. Only the National Space Society has said anything at all – however they did so in a press release of which 90% of the text is aimed at recruiting volunteers – not discussing space policy.

As far as the Citizens for Space Exploration, an organization representing various community and business groups within space states, not a peep has been heard.

In a short presentation to JSC employees today House Majority Whip Rep. Tom Delay, one of the key architects of this legislative achievement, spoke of the need for a long term commitment among those who support this space policy. In so doing he noted “we still have our battles to fight”.

It would seem from this lackluster, post-Congressional victory response, that many of the troops needed to fight to keep this policy alive have lost interest.

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