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Robert McCall to Paint Armstrong Portrait

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 3, 2009

NASA Solicitation: Armstrong Oil Painting
“[SPECIFICATIONS] The specifications are: (1) One (1) each: The artist will prepare a prototype study/concept sketch for approval of content and concept prior to executing the large oil painting. (2) One (1) each: The artist will deliver one large oil painting on canvas, approx. 5ft in height and 6 ft in width of Neil Armstrong. [SOLE SOURCE EXPLANATION] NASA/DFRC intends to purchase the item from Dr. Robert T. McCall. Dr. McCall has the unique expertise as a renowned artist and is a pre-eminent expert in communicating NASA Agency themes. He has been chosen as an artist for NASA, documenting the progress of American space history. Dr. McCall has done several other large paintings that are currently on display at this center, the Pentagon, the National Air and Space Museum, Johnson Space Center, and many others. He has technical familiarity with the subject matter and it establishes visual continuity with present works at NASA-DFRC.”

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