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Washington Post (Finally) Picks up on NASA CEV Acceleration Efforts

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
May 8, 2005

NASA Chief Speeds Plan For Spacecraft, Washington Post

“Barely two weeks later, Griffin trumped the Steidle plan with a new formulation. Instead of allowing two contractors to compete until 2008 to win the final contract, an internal NASA memo on April 29 said the two finalists would be named by the end of July and the winner would be chosen early next year. Several sources described Griffin’s meetings with Steidle during this period as “stormy,” but Steidle characterized them simply as “very professional dialogues.”

Editor’s note:Its always a pleasure to see that the Washington Post uses NASA Watch as a resource – even if Guy Gugliotta or his editors can’t bring themselves to mention that fact – days after the story broke here on NASA Watch. Oh well.

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