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Yawn – Its The Coalition for Space Exploration

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
February 6, 2008

Coalition for Space Exploration Official Statement Regarding the White House’s FY 2009 Budget Request for NASA

“The Administration’s $17.6 billion budget proposal for fiscal year 2009 keeps NASA on course for completing the International Space Station and retiring the space shuttle on time in 2010. In addition, the proposal allows for full funding of the Constellation Program’s Orion spacecraft and Ares I launch vehicle, with an eye toward the first test flights in 2008 and 2009, respectively.”

Editor’s note: In one sentence the Coalition says that the budget keeps everything funded and then moments later they suggest that more money would be nice. Well which is it? They also took 2 days to issue this “release” while every other organization under the sun had one out within hours. Meanwhile, their website still points to their other (previous) website at which was taken away from them by some Turkish telemarketer. (7 Feb Update: they finally removed this link – but have never explained publicly what happened). The company (Griffin Marketing) that runs this activity gets something like $20,000 a month. The coalition itself gets about $1 million a year from aerospace companies. Given this obvious lackluster performance, I have to ask: just what value does the Coalition for Space Exploration actually provide?

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