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Yet Another Stealth NASA Briefing On Mars Mission Concepts

By Keith Cowing
May 20, 2015
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Yet Another Stealth NASA Briefing On Mars Mission Concepts

NASA FISO Telecon: A Scenario for a Human Mission to Mars Orbit in the 2030s
“Our Wednesday, May 20, Future In-Space Operations (FISO) telecon colloquium will host Mr. Hoppy Price (JPL) who will speak on “A Scenario for a Human Mission to Mars Orbit in the 2030s. As always, the colloquium will be at 3pm ET. And please note that there is a new dial-in number for the colloquium as NASA has migrated to a new service: TEL: 844 467 4685 PC: 442398”
Keith’s note: If you go to NASA’s Journey to Mars page there is no mention of this NASA-sponsored, openly-accessible telecon regarding a NASA study of how the agency might go to Mars. There is no mention of this telecon on NASA’s calendar either – nor is there mention on NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations home page, or NASA Goddard’s home page (where telecon organizer Harley Thronson works), or on JPL’s home page where presenter Hoppy Price works. Indeed, this NASA-funded JPL study apparently had a lot to do with the Planetary Society’s recent stealth Mars workshop (note the agenda). Yet the Planetary Society is mum on this too.

NASA is all about the #JourneyToMars 24/7/365 according to Charlie Bolden and virtually every press release the agency issues these days. NASA is telling everyone that it is headed to Mars yet it can’t even figure out how to tell the public about openly accessible events like this? You know, how NASA might actually do this whole exciting Mars thing? Actually – NASA avoids all mention of these agency sponsored/organized FISO telecons – so why should this stealth event be any different, I suppose? Still the point remains: how seriously can you take this agency’s proclamation about the whole sending-humans-to-Mars thing when no one coordinates with one another and the public is left in the dark when it would be so easy to include them? What is it with all of these closed door space policy meetings anyway? Where are the results? Are there any results?
Keith’s update: If you are unable to get to this page with dial-in for this NASA telecon that is probably because Dan Lester at University of Texas and Harley Thronson from NASA GSFC have specifically blocked you. They do that to people they do not like. Really – that is how access to NASA activities like this are managed these days.
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