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OIG: NASA Does Not Do A Good Job With Blanket Purchase Agreements

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
December 16, 2014
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OIG Report: NASA’s Use of Blanket Purchase Agreements
“NASA Contracting Officials Using GSA Schedule Agreements Did Not Maximize Competition or Seek Vendor Price Discounts. Our sample included 23 orders obtained using 14 different GSA schedule agreements. We found deficiencies in 12 of these 14 agreements. Specifically, for 9 of the agreements NASA contracting officials established single- rather than multiple-award agreements without preparing written justifications or failed to request price discounts from vendors when establishing the agreements. For all 12 agreements, contracting officials failed to conduct required annual reviews. These deficiencies occurred because contracting officials were unaware of requirements or wanted to avoid the additional effort required to compete orders.”

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One response to “OIG: NASA Does Not Do A Good Job With Blanket Purchase Agreements”

  1. dogstar29 says:

    The GAO report refers to NASA Blanket Purchase Agreements, not Space Act Agreements.