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Today's New Twitter Feed

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 13, 2008

Editor’s note: WayneHale Is now Twittering. He has 16 followers. Maybe he will add a few more. Update: in 2 hours he more than doubled his number of followers.

Oh yes MarsPhoenix currently has 20,057 followers. CNNBreaking News has 21,667 followers. Soon Phoenix may be more popular than CNN on Twitter – and will have done so in mere weeks.

The Real Value of Twitter To NASA’s Space Missions, Wired

“What better way to reach a multi-tasking, short-attention-spanned Gen Y’er than to limit your messages to 140 characters? I think my favorite NASA Baby Boomer reaction to Twitter (a micro blogging tool that lets you send 140 characters to subscriber’s Instant Messaging programs or cell phones) is, “Well, there is a technology that solves a problem I don’t have.”

Editor’s note: Yawn, yet another example of someone parsing new Internet capabilities (such as Twitter) into false dichotomiesas belonging to either Gen Y or Baby Boomers. This is getting old. Look at the most popular Twitter feeds. I can see a large number of authors/topics whose feeds are most certainly NOT being authored by someone from Gen Y. Can’t we all just get along and use these tools without applying an inaccurate litmus test?

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