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Away Team Detects ISEE-3 at Arecibo

By Keith Cowing
May 19, 2014
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ISEE-3 Reboot Project Hardware Detects ISEE-3 at Arecibo
“The following are screenshots of data from the live receive session we did with our Ettus Research Software Defined Radio unit attached to the Arecibo antenna today (19 May). “Waterfalls” were generated by post-processing the recorded data. There are four recordings of various lengths as we were testing the setup, and this is the very, very initial result.”
ISEE-3 Away Team Is at Arecibo
Keith’s note: The ISEE-3 Away Team is onsite at Arecibo: Dennis Wingo, Balint Seeber, Austin Epps. A month ago when we started (14 April) we had $0.00. Today the team is installing hardware on the antenna.
Now that we’ve passed our initial goal of $125,000, we have asked for an extension to our crowd funding effort – a “stretch goal” of $150,000. As we developed the software, hardware, and procedures needed to contact and command the ISEE-3 spacecraft, it became clear to us that getting additional information on the precise location of the spacecraft was of great value. The best way to do that is to use NASA’s DSN (Deep Space Network). Since NASA is not funding our project, we’d need to pay them for this activity. Based on the time we’d need to use the DSN, $25,000 is a very good estimate. We’re already close to $132,000 $135,000 $136,000 $143,000. So, if you have not yet donated, here’s your chance.
First Contact will occur very soon (we hope) within the next week. Please consider helping this project at

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