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ISEE-3 Reboot Project Passes Funding Goal

By Keith Cowing
May 14, 2014
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Fundraisers Expect Green Light from NASA To Recover 70’s-Vintage Spacecraft”, Space News
“A pair of space geeks quarterbacking an effort to bring a derelict NASA spacecraft back into orbit around Earth expect NASA on May 13 to legally bless their privately funded project to recover and restart the 36 year-old International Sun/Earth Explorer-3. “We expect the Space Act Agreement to be signed tomorrow,” Dennis Wingo, president of Moffett Field, California-based Skycorp Inc. wrote in a May 12 email. “
Keith’s note: We just passed the $116,000 $117,000 $118,000 $120,000 $121,000 $125,000 point in our crowd funding campaign. There is still much more yet to be done on this bare bones effort. First Contact is very soon. Please consider helping this project at

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