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And Today's Russia Leaving ISS Date Is …

By Keith Cowing
July 27, 2022
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And Today's Russia Leaving ISS Date Is …

Russia to NASA: Sticking with space station until at least 2028, Reuters
“Russian space officials told their U.S. counterparts that Moscow expects to remain on the International Space Station at least until their own outpost in orbit is built in 2028, NASA’s space operations chief told Reuters. The assurance on Tuesday from Russia came after the newly appointed head of its space agency, Roscosmos, surprised NASA earlier in the day by announcing that Moscow intended to end more than two decades of partnership on the space station “after 2024.”
Russia says it’s leaving the International Space Station again. This time might be different., Grid News
“The long isolation of ISS from geopolitics looks like it is regretfully coming to an end,” said NASA Watch Editor Keith Cowing. Russia’s war on Ukraine, and NASA no longer needing Russian rockets to send astronauts into orbit, has changed a long-running, uneasy, partnership in space, making it look less and less tenable. “The real question is, what are the Russians going to leave behind if they just walk away from the station?” Cowing added.”
A Russian ISS exit could give NASA a hangover–then leave cosmonauts grounded, Fast Company
“You were getting this robustness, and everybody learned that there was another way of doing things,” says Keith Cowing, editor of the NASA Watch news site and a former NASA manager who worked on station components in the early 1990s. But Russia’s role in this cooperation has receded lately. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon means NASA no longer needs Russia for astronaut transportation. In June, NASA raised the station’s orbit using the U.S.-built Cygnus cargo spacecraft, a critical function that had been performed solely by the Russian section before.”

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