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CASIS Hearing: No News Expected. No One Cares.

By Keith Cowing
July 25, 2012
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The International Space Station: A Platform for Research, Collaboration, and Discovery
“The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation will hold a hearing on “The International Space Station: A Platform for Research, Collaboration, and Discovery.” With assembly of the International Space Station complete as of May 2011, the focus has now shifted from construction to full scientific utilization through 2020 and beyond. This hearing will examine research progress, the potential for scientific breakthroughs, and any impediments to maximizing the utilization of this orbiting national laboratory.”
Prepared Statements
William Gerstenmaier (and Don Pettit)
James Royston
Thomas Reiter
Sen. Rockefeller
Sen. Hutchison
Keith’s note: Sources note that prior to this public hearing a private meeting will be held wherein the teams that bid on the contract that CASIS won – and explain how they would have approached this task. That said, nothing spectacular should be expected from the public hearing. Sen. Nelson has staged all of this behind the scenes – from contract award to providing political protection – so as to send jobs to Florida. Actual performance on the task is of secondary importance. As such, Sen. Nelson is unlikely to allow the status quo to be upset during this hearing – and the ongoing incompetence demonstrated by CASIS will be allowed to continue.
Three weeks after an ISS conference co-sponsored by CASIS, they have only managed to figure out how to post a small fraction of what was presented – 2 NASA presentations and 3 CASIS presentations. The rest of what was presented i.e. the vast majority – is being ignored.

Meanwhile, real research results continue to be distributed by NASA – but CASIS is either oblivious to this research or is uninterested in telling potential users of the ISS about what is being done on the ISS.
NASA Spaceline Current Awareness 11 July 2012 (Recent Space Life Science Research Results)
NASA Spaceline Current Awareness 20 July 2012 (Recent Space Life Science Research Results)
The Impact of Long-Term Exposure to Space Environment on Adult Mammalian Organisms: A Study on Mouse Thyroid and Testis, PLoS One
“By participating to the “Tissue Sharing” team lead by R. Cancedda, we had the access to tissues and organs of mice which had been exposed to the space environment for 91 days on board of the ISS, while kept inside the “Mouse Drawer System” (MDS), a facility built by “Thales Alenia Space-Italy” for the “Agenzia Spaziale Italiana”. This is presently the longest-duration spaceflight mission ever endured by any living animal, obviously excluding human astronauts.”
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