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ISS National Lab CAN Provides Old, Incomplete Documents

By Keith Cowing
February 19, 2011
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Keith’s 15 Feb note: One of the documents that the ISS National LAB CAN release includes is the ISS Payload Mission Integration Team Execution Plan. SSP 50471 Revision A October 2002. This document claims that it:
“..identifies the activities associated with Payload Mission Integration Team (PMIT) in managing and integrating International Space Station (ISS) payload flight, stage, and increment activities. The contents of this document are consistent with the tasks and products as defined in SSP 50200-01, Station Program Implementation Plan, Volume 1: Station Program Management Plan. This document is under the control of the Payloads Control Board (PCB).”
Yet this 9 year old document is not even complete — charts that are supposed to be included are simply not there – and they haven’t been for 9 years. And yet someone in 2011, developing a proposal to run the ISS National LAB, is supposed to glean usfeul information from pages like this? [Click on image to enlarge]
“13.0 METRICS Figure 13.0-1, Stage-Unique Payload Integration Deliverables, and Figure 13.0-2, Payload Mission Integration Team Deliverable Integration Products, show typical metric charts that the PMIT will use to evaluate and measure the operational activities of the PMIT. These charts will be updated on a monthly basis and posted to the PMIT website.”
What charts?
Keith’s 16 Feb update: A reader notes: “I’m an engineer @ JSC and I checked the official document electronic depository and, lo and behold, the document is correct – graphic and all. This may be another one of those moments that can truly be blamed on a difference in versions of Adobe, or someone otherwise messed up the document somehow when it was posted.”
I guess my question is whether anyone at NASA reads these documents and conducts a sanity check before saying that they are fit for public release and formal use in the procurement process. It would seem that they do not. Will they add this complete version that this reader refers to – and inform everyone that the earlier document was incomplete?
In the coming days I’ll discuss this data dump habit NASA has – one wherein documents that are often out of date, incomplete, and/or and hard to understand are simply thrown out at prospective bidders – with no context or explanation whatsoever. Take this stand alone chart by Mark Uhran Queuing Model: Payloads as an example. It is simply posted with no associated text explaining what it is, or how bidders need to follow or incorporate it.
Keith’s 17 Feb note: The ISS National Lab CAN team seems to not care that a more accurate (complete) version of this document is available in NASA’s document library – – the old version with blank figures is still being provided to prospective bidders on the CAN web page.

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