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ISS News

ISS Safe Haven Capability At Issue?

By Keith Cowing
August 25, 2006

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 24 August 2006

“Update on CDRA: With Vozdukh in the SM still off, CDRA (CO2 Removal Assembly) performance testing continues in the Lab. Vozdukh will be turned back on tonight at ~6:00pm EDT. [Preliminary data this morning indicated a ppCO2 of 4.3 mmHg, with sporadic overnight spikes in excess of ~6 mmHg, i.e., CDRA is not performing as well as expected. Troubleshooting/repair steps are being considered but no final decision has been made yet. Adequate CDRA performance is critical for the CSCS (Contingency Shuttle Crew Support, “Safe Haven”) scenario.]”

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