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Just How Realistic is the Eyepopping Film "Gravity"?

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
September 10, 2013
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NASA expert explains what the Gravity trailer gets wrong, Michael Interbartolo, DVICE
“I usually try not to nitpick space movies, because they are entertainment, not documentaries, but when folks start heaping praise on a movie as the best space movie or most realistic, I feel the need to chime in.”

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3 responses to “Just How Realistic is the Eyepopping Film "Gravity"?”

  1. danb says:

    Looks like a sporty ride, seems OK to have SAFERs with lots of prop, buckles instead of foot restraints, and big stuff smashing around while the little stuff manages to miss the suits to make an exciting story. Not really any different than the hero getting 30 shots from a 6 shooter…..

  2. anonymous says:

    One other flaw in the movie itself is that the debris field takes out the shuttle in low earth orbit, and apparently all of the communications satellites, which are in geosynchronous orbit very far away.