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More Drill Hole ????? From Roscosmos

By Keith Cowing
November 30, 2021
More Drill Hole ????? From Roscosmos

Russia threatens criminal charges against a NASA astronaut, Ars Technica
“The Russian state news service, TASS, escalated the issue in April when it published accusations that Auñón-Chancellor had “an acute psychological crisis” after suffering an instance of deep vein thrombosis in space and drilled the hole in an attempt to expedite her return to Earth. NASA pushed back against those claims at the time. Now, with the announcement that its investigation is complete, Russian officials have floated another conspiracy theory. In the RIA Novosti article, translated for Ars by Rob Mitchell, the publication cites reports that Auñón-Chancellor may have drilled the hole “due to stress after an unsuccessful romantic relationship with another crew member.”
Keith’s note: If he was a remotely credible leader Dmitry Rogozin would simply issue a statement saying that none of this nonsense is true. But he doesn’t. фигня Dmitry.
Saga of Tiny Drill Hole in the ISS Continues as Russia Sends Investigation to Police, Gizmodo
“The notion that any astronaut – or cosmonaut – would deliberately drill holes in their spacecraft – especially one designed to take them back to Earth – for any reason – is ludicrous,” Keith Cowing, a former NASA employee and editor of the site NASA Watch, explained in an email. “The only plausible explanation is that the damage happened on Earth before [the Soyuz MS-09] was even launched.” To which he added: “Russia is clearly sensitive about the way its chronically underfunded space efforts are portrayed.” Cowing described Nelson’s denunciation of the Russian claims as “flat,” and he criticized Rogozin for allowing “these conspiracy stories to fester in the Russian media” instead of putting them to a stop.”

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