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Once Again NASA's Space Station "Team" Doesn't Talk Among Itself

By Keith Cowing
January 28, 2013
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NASA Solicits Ideas for International Space Station Research
“NASA wants to know how you can improve the International Space Station as a technology test bed. NASA’s International Space Station National Laboratory and Technology Demonstration offices are asking for proposals on how the space station may be used to develop advanced or improved exploration technologies. NASA also is seeking proposals about how new approaches, technologies and capabilities could improve the unique laboratory environment of the orbiting outpost.”
Keith’s note: Nowhere in any of the supporting documents is CASIS mentioned. CASIS makes no mention of this on their website. No mention at NASA’s ISS website here, or at the ISS National Lab website. No one involved with the ISS National Lab, CASIS, SOMD, JSC, or elswhere seems to be at all interested in a cohesive, coordinated approach to the utiliztion of the ISS – one whereby all NASA operated and funded entities work together.
Keith’s update: This announcement is now linked on the ISS National Laboratory page and the ISS Technology Demonstrtions page. However, CASIS still ignores it.

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