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Russia Says It Is Leaving ISS After 2024

By Keith Cowing
July 26, 2022
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Russia To Quit International Space Station “After 2024”, NDTV
“I think that by this time we will start putting together a Russian orbital station,” Borisov added, calling it the space programme’s main “priority”. “Good,” Putin replied in comments released by the Kremlin.
Russia to drop out of International Space Station after 2024
“Russia will pull out of the International Space Station after 2024 and focus on building its own orbiting outpost, the country’s new space chief said Tuesday amid high tensions between Moscow and the West over the fighting in Ukraine. Yuri Borisov, who was appointed this month to lead the state space agency, Roscosmos, said during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia will fulfill its obligations to its partners before it leaves the project. “The decision to leave the station after 2024 has been made,” Borisov said, adding: “I think that by that time we will start forming a Russian orbiting station.”
Russia says it will quit International Space Station by 2024, Guardian
“A senior Nasa official told Reuters on Tuesday that Russia has not communicated its intent to withdraw from the ISS.”

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