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Video: China Uses "America The Beautiful" on Their Space Station Propaganda

By Keith Cowing
October 1, 2011
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Space Oddity? China Plays ‘America the Beautiful’ During Space Lab Launch, Spacecom
“State broadcaster CCTV and the Chinese space agency collaborated on a short video to mark the liftoff of China’s unmanned Tiangong 1 space lab Thursday night (Sept. 29), The Guardian newspaper reports. The 98-second video gives an animated look at the launch and Tiangong 1’s mission — all set, puzzlingly, to an instrumental version of “America the Beautiful.”
NASA Exploration Ideas – With Added China Bashing (Update)
Keith’s note: Gee, the Chinese certainly seem to like the U.S. – quite a contrast from the chart that astronaut Andy Thomas used recently within an official NASA presentatino wherein several Chinese astronauts are shown having trampled an American flag left on the Moon by Apollo astronauts.

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