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Yes, Houston: Robonaut Does Have a "Voice"

By Keith Cowing
March 13, 2012
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Robonaut-2 Says “Hello world” in American Sign Language From the ISS (video)
Keith’s note: This afternoon NASA’s Robonaut-2 said “hello world” in American Sign Language (ASL) from the International Space Station. I have been told that the idea for this was sparked by an earlier posting of mine on NASAWatch. Being a former professional Sign Language interpreter, this is pretty cool. This is not the first time Robonaut has signed from space (can’t seem to find NASA videos of this online). In February @AstroRobonaut tweeted: “Did you catch that? I don’t have a voice, but I sent you a message — Hello world … in sign language!” What is odd about this tweet (by a human) is the fact that Robonaut does indeed have a “voice” and he speaks (understandably) in a language used by millions of people every day. PAO might want to keep that in mind in the future.
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