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Yet Another Stealth Website NASA Can't Coordinate

By Keith Cowing
October 4, 2011
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Keith’s note: An interesting new website International Space Station Live!, hosted at JSC, is now online. It displays a variety of telemetry and data feeds from the ISS. But NASA is not telling anyone about this website. If you go to NASA’s ISS home page there is no mention of this website. Nor is there any mention at,, the ISS National Laboratory page, the HEOMD home page, or the NASA Office of Education (a sponsor).
Once again, one has to ask who is actually in charge of NASA’s communications activities? Clearly people at NASA’s centers, directorates, and missions seem to feel that they can do anything they want – and not bother to coordinate with anyone else including NASA PAO. Now if only HEOMD’s crack EPO squad can find a way to couple this real time ISS telemetry website with the Google/YouTube/Lenovo/NASA student science contest and and you could have something very, very cool to engage the public. Alas, this is unlikely to happen.

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