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NASA Needs A New Chief Information Officer

By Keith Cowing
June 14, 2019
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NASA Needs A New Chief Information Officer

Renee Wynn, CIO, NASA, GovernmentCIO
“Renee Wynn has an astronomical responsibility in managing a mix of new and legacy systems to manage NASA’s vast amount of data across its programs that include missions back to the Moon and to Mars.”
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“One thing NASA needs to do as part of this effort to fix its public and internal cyber infrastructure is to totally overhaul the Chief Information Officer’s organization. They dabble in things that are often peripheral to their core charter while getting bad ratings and reviews year after year on the things that they are supposed to be worrying about. NASA has never had a CIO who actually does what the job entails. Just sayin'”
Keith’s note: (sigh) more IT babble from the NASA CIO. AS far as NASA’s blatantly obvious byzantine website mess the CIO could have addressed at any time – but they did not. Have a look at these stories about NASA’s creaky, mismanaged, and needlessly redundant cyber infrastructure – from just the past year or so. NASA’s CIO has been asleep at the wheel for years. Its time for a reboot.
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