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NASA's Baffling, Redirecting Links

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
January 5, 2012
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Fifty-Seven Student Rocket Teams to Take NASA Launch Challenge
“For a complete competitor list and more information about the challenge, visit: and”
Keith’s note: Simple, yes? Not when NASA’s multiple webmasters get into the act. If you go to you are redirected to another URL (link) that blinks too fast to copy down and then quickly redirects you again, this time to this link Why have the intermediary redirect? Why not just have redirect to
If you go to the other link provided in this press release, the same intermediate redirect happens and you end up at
The answer you get about dueling URLs from NASA is that NASA wants to make it simple for people. I understand that and totally agree. But when you start with a simple URL, jump to another, longer URL, and then end get tossed again to the final (long) URL – that long URL is the one that you are going to save in your browser, cut and paste and share with others, go back to, etc. Why not stick with the short URL in the first place? Baffling.
NASA’s Sprawling Web Presence, earlier post
“There is no uniform agency-wide process for ensuring content on the other NASA sites is accessible, updated, accurate or routinely improved. Individual programs and projects at the Centers and offices at NASA Headquarters manage their own content and are responsible for accuracy and accessibility.”
NASA’s Inability To Speak With One Voice Online, earlier post
“I hear constant complaints from within NASA that funds for websites, education and public outreach, and PAO are limited – and likely to be cut further. Yet the agency continues to waste money on dueling websites – and they use multiple web addressses to send people to the same website.”

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