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Why does NASA need multiple websites for the same mission?

By Keith Cowing
August 30, 2012
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Keith’s note: The following is put at the bottom of most press releases issued regarding Mars Curiosity.
“More information about Curiosity is online at: , and”
Why does NASA pay to maintain three separate websites (two run by JPL) – all of which are out of synch with one another? NASA is constantly complaining that they never have enough money to run all of their EPO and PAO operations. Yet they can afford multiple websites when only one is needed? If you ask NASA about this (it happens with virtuallky every mission), you either get no answer, a shrug and/or sigh, or something really stupid. So, I am asking (again) …
Keith’s update: There’s also which is the same as – that makes three web addresses, two of which point to identical but parallel websites, and one that points to another, different website – all at JPL.
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