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Mir Status Report 8 April 1997

By Keith Cowing
April 8, 1997
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Date: 8 April 1997 // Mission Day 87
Mir Systems
1. Progress 234 – At 19:05 DMT, the crew was informed that ground commands to activate the two TORU (manual docking system) transmitters onboard Progress 234 were unsuccessful. The decision was made for one attempt using the Automatic Docking System. By 20:23 DMT the TORU transmitters were reported to be up and functioning.
2. Successful Auto-docking occurred at 20:30 DMT; hatch opening occurred prior to the next comm. pass. Direction for early hatch opening tonight was given to utilize the O2 onboard the Progress. As of 22:30 DMT the crew has not entered the Progress.
3. On the day after docking, two crew members will be scheduled to work on removing the leaking heat exchanger from the VGK loop in Kvant 1. The other will be working on the Elektron system in Kvant 2.

Environmental Parameters (Information from 7 April)

Parameter                                 Min.        Max.
Pressure (mmHg) BB                    744         755
ppO2 (mmHg)                               161         165
ppCO2 (mmHg)                              4.8         5.1
ppH20 (mmHg)                              15.5        15.9
Humidity (percentage)                    50          54
Temperature  base block (BB)        28.8        29.6
Temp  docking/transfer module       23.0        23.4
Temp  work area Krystall               25.3        25.5
Temp  sleep area Krystall              25.8        26.0
Temp  Spektr                                 26.7        26.9
Temp  Kvant II                             21.0        21.5

MD 88: “Progress” post-docking activities (Mir 23); “Progress” priority cargo
unloading (entire crew)
MD 89: “Progress” cargo unloading (entire crew)

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