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China to Propose Shenzhou for ISS Duty

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
March 2, 2005

China Will Propose That NASA Use Shenzhou for International Space Station Duty, SpaceRef

“Mengxin Sun, First Secretary for Science and Technology at the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC has said that he intends to brief the new NASA Administrator (as soon as that announcement is made) about a proposal for U.S. use of China’s Shenzhou spacecraft series as a crew/cargo carrier for the ISS program.”

The China Card: U.S. now agreeable to space cooperation with China, Aviation Week

“In a major shift of U. S. policy, the Bush Administration is ready to open more formal discussions with China on space cooperation, according to outgoing NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe.”

Editor’s note: A clarification on this story as reported yesterday. Sun was unable to answer any space-related questions asked of him at presentation he gave at the National Academy of Sciences yesterday and designated his assistant/interpreter to respond for him. Noting his lack of space expertise, Sun responded several times to the audience “I am not a space man.”

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