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Crude Postings at Florida Today

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
February 12, 2007

Editor’s 12 Feb update: I originally posted this comment Thursday night. I am rather surprised that the Florida Today folks haven’t responded. Either they do not read NASA Watch, or they simply do not care that this juvenile insult mongering goes on in connection with the articles they post on their website. Given that this material remains online, I have to assume that John Kelly and his staff do not mind if this material is featured on the very same page as their articles.

Go to page 4 of the comments and scroll down to the poem by “ddwise21”. Pure Shakespeare.

Editor’s 8 Feb note: There’s some rather unsophisticated, sexist, and outright crude postings about Colleen Shipman, Lisa Nowak, et al over at Florida Today – as well as some third grade level “diaper” postings linked from (and contained within) this article.

And this is supposed to be a family newspaper – and a serious source for space news? Florida Today owes the people mentioned in these posts an apology.

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