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CuriousMars: A new SpaceRef Feature

By Marc Boucher
December 6, 2012
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CuriousMars: Martian Science Detectives Aid Curiosity and OpportunityCuriousMars: Martian Science Detectives Aid Curiosity and Opportunity, SpaceRef Mars Today
Mysteries on opposite sides of Mars are drawing the Curiosity and Opportunity rover science teams closer together in a search for habitable environments that could have supported Martian life early in the planet’s history.
Marc’s note: Today SpaceRef debuts CuriousMars by Craig Covault and A.J.S. Rayl. CuriousMars is a major new weekly feature with authoritative and insightful reporting and analysis on all aspects of current and future robotic operations on the Martian surface and in Martian orbit. CuriousMars will report on the adventure of exploration and science combined with the realities of policy, cost, politics and international cooperation.
Also of note the new features coincides with the relaunch of Mars Today (, SpaceRef’s dedicated site to Mars with over 5700 Mars mission reports categorized by mission and at times by instrument.

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