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DART Mishap Report MIA?

By Keith Cowing
December 12, 2005

DART Mission: Partial Success/Partial Failure

NASA Announces DART Mishap Investigation Board Members

“NASA selected the mishap investigation board to determine why the Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology (DART) spacecraft did not complete its mission on April 15.”

Editor’s note: It has been more than 8 months. Why hasn’t there been any word as to when the DART Mishap Investigation Board will issue its findings? Word has it that the results of the investigation have actually been known for some time.

Editor’s update: Word has it that as of last week, the DART mishap report (which does apparently exist) was undergoing a classification review by DoD – and DoD has not provided a date for the report’s release. As such, the current delay seems to be of DoD’s making – not NASA’s.

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