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Ellen Ochoa's Warp Drive Gizmo

By Keith Cowing
April 30, 2015
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Ellen Ochoa's Warp Drive Gizmo

Is NASA one step closer to warp drive?, CNET
“NASA, according to, is quietly claiming to have successfully tested a revolutionary new means of space travel that could one day allow for such insane speed, and to have done it in a hard vacuum like that of outer space for the first time.”
Has NASA Accidentally Invented The Warp Drive?, Huffington Post
“NASA has been experimenting with a revolutionary new propulsion system called the EmDrive and after some preliminary analysis there’s some evidence that it is actually creating a warp field.”
Keith’s note: More claims about Ellen Ochoa’s warp drive gizmo at JSC that NASA refuses to talk about because they’re embarrassed and/or clueless.
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