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Endeavour Given Green Light for May 16 Launch

By Marc Boucher
May 9, 2011
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Marc’s Note: Although the root cause has not been found, NASA managers have given the green light to proceed with a launch attempt next Monday at 8:56 a.m. EDT.
NASA Sets May 16 For Final Space Shuttle Endeavour Launch, NASA
A short in the heater circuit associated with Endeavour’s hydraulic system resulted in the launch postponement. Technicians determined the most likely failure was inside a switchbox in the shuttle’s aft compartment and associated electrical wiring connecting the switchbox to the heaters. The heater circuits prevent freezing of the fuel lines providing hydraulic power to steer the vehicle during ascent and entry.
The faulty box was replaced May 4. Since Friday, Kennedy technicians installed and tested new wiring that bypasses the suspect electrical wiring and confirmed the heater system is working properly. They also are completing retests of other systems powered by the switchbox and are closing out Endeavour’s aft compartment.

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