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Griffin Seeks to Reverse O'Keefe Outsourcing Plans

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 6, 2005

NASA looks at insourcing,

“[Griffin] also indicated a willingness to reverse his predecessor’s emphasis on outsourcing. When asked about his strategy by Ames employees, who have been hit by recent buyout offers, Griffin said he wants to offer fewer opportunities for businesses to get a piece of NASA research. “There will be fewer of those opportunities rather than more, and they will largely be directed by NASA rather than merely be put up for grabs by industry,” he said. “I don’t have a percentage, but there is a change.”

Editor’s note: Interesting. To be certain, NASA’s skill base has been eroding at an alarming (some would say dangerous) rate – and this effort by Griffin would result in staunching some of that erosion.

However, I don’t recall hearing that the White House issued a reversal of the stance it took within the President’s Management Agenda (PDF) issued in 2001 – as it relates to the outsourcing/competitive sourcing it directed Sean O’Keefe to implement. It is also interesting to hear Mike Griffin refer to things put up for sourcing to the private sector in a less than rosy light as being “put up for grabs by industry” – especially given that this White House is so unabashedly pro-business. Stay tuned.

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