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Last To Go Alone (?), First To Go Twice (?)

By Keith Cowing
November 19, 2004

18 November 2004: S. RES. 470: Honoring the life of astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper, Jr.

“Whereas Gordon Cooper was the first man to go into space for a second time;”

Editor’s note: A NASA Watch reader just reminded me “I thought Gus Grissom was the first man to go into space twice: Liberty Bell 7 and Gemini 3.” Perhaps the resolution should have said “Whereas Gordon Cooper was the first man to go into orbit for a second time.”

Trivia for The Right Stuff, IMDB

“The closing narration states Gordon Cooper was “the last American ever to go into space alone”. While true when the film was made, Mike Melvill in June and September 2004 and Brian Bimmie in October 2004 went into space alone in Scaled Composites’ SpaceShipOne. Bimmie’s flight coincidentally was the day Gordon Cooper died.”

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