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Lots of Guns at KSC

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
June 2, 2005

NASA Award Notice: Glock 17 Holsters, NASA KSC

“Contract Award Amount: $32,501.40”

Editor’s update: There are approximately contractor 400 security personnel covering Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS). When NASA took over responsibility for CCAFS security several years ago no effort was made to replace/upgrade existing firearms. CCAFS personnel were issued USAF Berettas which one source says were now “falling apart”. As such, NASA went out to upgrade all sidearms to new hardware – hence the order for 380 Glocks and associated holsters.

Editor’s note: At first glance $32,501.40 seems to be rather high for a bunch of gun holsters – even very nice ones. I did a quick search for “Glock 17 holsters” on the web and found one holster here for $79.99, another here for $42.86, and here for $31.00. Based on my quick price search this would mean that KSC is buying either 406, 758, or 1,048 holsters. Are there really that many people walking around KSC carrying guns? Or are they paying more than the going commercial rate for these holsters?

Editor’s update: This 16 Feb 2005 procurement notice says that KSC wants to buy 380 Glocks and this 10 May solicitation asks for “380 Holsters, specifically for the GLOCK 17 handgun, 380 Double Mag Holders, and 380 Nylon Pro Duty Belts.” which, at a total cost of $32,501.40 turns out to be $85.50 per gun. Looks like they got a good deal. This still leaves the question: how many people are carrying these guns at KSC? Aren’t the police and SWAT team members already armed? Or are these guns for new hires?

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