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More NPOESS Woes

By Keith Cowing
June 6, 2006

Pentagon could replace Northrop on NPOESS-letter, Reuters

“Top Pentagon arms buyer Ken Krieg plans aggressive oversight of a troubled Northrop Grumman Corp. weather satellite program and warned he could still replace Northrop as prime contractor, according to a letter obtained by Reuters on Tuesday.”

A Fleece in the Forecast?, NBC Nightly News

“They’re supposed to be the next generation of state-of-the-art weather satellites — improving forecasting and even saving lives. So why are they way behind schedule, and billions over budget? Is it true your tax dollars are falling off the radar? Watch our “Fleecing of America” report tonight.”

House Science Committee Hearing: The Future of NPOESS: Results of the Nunn-McCurdy Review of NOAA’s Weather Satellite Program (8 June – Mike Griffin is among the witnesses)

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