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MSFC Spends Foolishly on Needless Things

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
May 17, 2005

Reader comment: “Recently you ran a story about Marshall’s budget being so bad that we could not afford to cut the grass. Actually we have enough money. We have so much money that we are in the design phase of a $500,000 conference room remodeling job. That’s right one half million dollar remodeling job of a conference room!”

“This conference room is on the ninth floor of building 4200 where the Center director, his excellence Dave King sits. Mr. King’s office went through an extensive renovation when he came to power. His office recieved and extreme office makeover which included a 52″ plasma screen television! After this conference room is finished the next step is to remodel the 10th floor penthouse conference room. There were plans to remodel this conference room years ago, but Art Stephenson stopped it due to the excessive cost of the project. Rumor has it that after the tenth floor conference room is completed that marble flooring will be added to the elevators in building 4200! That is not a joke either! Please check into this. We need to use this money for real projects, projects that will benefit NASA and America, not for frivolous projects that have no impact on getting the shuttle off the ground again.”

NASA MSFC Memo: Let the Grass Grow Tall

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