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NASA Wallops PAO Has Its Head In The Beach Sand (Again)

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
May 17, 2011
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NASA’s Wallops Island is nothing but a tourist trap, Letters to the editor, The Daily Times
“Let’s see. Discovery’s last flight was delayed between six and seven months — and spawned a half-dozen failed attempts. Endeavor’s final flight was launched on the third attempt, culminating a three-week delay. Wallops seems to think it can exploit the same predisposition from the general public to spend money to not watch a launch. Wallops has done this before. After about the third schedule slip, the locals and the aspiring vacationers figure out that getting up at 3 a.m. to feed the mosquitoes just isn’t worth it. – Charles Lewis Atlantic”
Reader note: “I also noticed your post on the WFF Facebook page reference the lack of a schedule for WFF launches or range activity. There still is no posted schedule. The locals and even WFF employees have no idea when a launch is scheduled. The WFF “official” info line was last updated on May 2 by Keith Koehler with “the next scheduled launch from Wallops visible to the public is a Terrier-Orion”. The launch windown opens on June 9. There is absolutely no mention of the upcoming OARS launch on a Minatour. Complaints to Keith K and Mark Hess about the posting of a schedule have to date gone unanswered.”

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