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New NASA Chief Scientist

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
October 21, 2004

21 October 2004: NASA Administrator Names New Chief Scientist

“NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe announced today Chief Scientist and veteran astronaut John Grunsfeld will return to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. Administrator O’Keefe appointed Dr. James B. Garvin, chief scientist for NASA’s Mars and lunar exploration programs, as the new Chief Scientist, effective immediately.”

Editor’s note: If you follow the link below you will find larger versions of (former) NASA Chief Scientist John Grunsfeld’s “vulcanization”. NASA Chief Scientist Jim Garvin and Space Station Science Officer Leroy Chiao are next in line for the same alteration.

Click on this image to enlarge. When you do, take the time to examine the fine details of this image very, very carefully.

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