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By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
December 17, 2005

Space cadets taken in by TV hoax, BBC

“The contestants believed they were Britain’s first ‘space tourists’ Three contestants have spoken of their disbelief after being fooled into thinking they went into space for the UK reality show Space Cadets.” …”Aw man, we’re not astronauts. We’re just asses.”

Be certain to check in with the intrepid (and easily fooled) contestants at the Offical Space Cadets Website

Space Cadets, Wikipedia

‘Double hoax’ theory Some viewers have expressed suspicions – in particular on Channel 4’s message board for the programme – that the entire show is in fact a double bluff, insomuch as that all the Cadets are actors and that the real target of “the biggest prank in television history” is the “gullible” viewing public.”

Space Cadets ‘lift off’. Evening Standard

“As the captain announced they were waiting for the Anti-Gravity Generators to “warm up”, Paul seemed to suss the real problem, saying: “It feels like we’re still on the ground!” But the captain was quick to tell them: “There’s no friction in space, that’s why it’s so smooth.”

Editor’s note: Nothing like putting top notch, accurate science detail into this reality TV show. After all Dr. Who is their technical advisor.

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