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Wallops PAO Is Goofing Off Again

By Keith Cowing
May 23, 2011
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Keith’s note: Wallops had a bunch of student rocket launches this weekend. Yet can you find any photos of this on their website? No. They just have a press release from 12 May online. They still have not figured out how to create a simple launch schedule for their website. Yet they decided to play with posting a QR code on their Facebook page (which leads to their home page). But I am baffled as to why they are spending time on this. This is a technology designed mostly for use on printed materials to allow easy smartphone access without typing on a small screen. Why use it on a webpage? In order to make use of whatever this QR code says I have to get out my iPhone, take a pic, convert it, see where the iPhone’s browser goes so that I can then retype it on my desktop computer and go there. Why not focus on the important things like putting a launch schedule online such that taxpayers can see what they are doing. This way there would be something of value regardless of how you found the website. And when something happens at Wallops, post some photos. Is there any adult supervision for PAO at Wallops?
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