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Wonkette on NASA/Obama Flap

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
December 13, 2008

NASA Head Trying To Keep Outer Space Secrets From Obama Transition Team, Wonkette

“Like grimy Chicago leeches, the Obama “transition team” (AS IF) has sent review panels to every federal agency to decide which budget items need to be cut, forever, to finance the next $100 billion wave of AIG bailouts. Agencies like FEMA probably abandoned their entire offices before their transition team appointments, just to avoid the embarrassment, whereas places like NASA — which holds valuable information about quasars, space monsters, and the planets Mars and Neptune — are simply telling the transition team “YOU WOULDN’T GET IT YOU STUPIDS — PHYSICS.” Space nerds”

Editor’s note: Yes the commentary is rude and often obscene – as are the reader’s comments. That said, this is a must-read blog inside the beltway – where first impressions and crude jokes can affect official policy faster than you might think (or want).

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