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A Bleak Future for LaRC?

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
March 7, 2005

NASA Langley tests the air, Daily Press

“If wind tunnels won the debate decades ago, it seems odd – at least at first glance – that NASA Headquarters circulated a memo last month stating that all the major wind tunnels at Langley would likely close because they weren’t needed for the agency’s future aeronautics projects. Government unions and aeronautics supporters decried the announcement as a potential deathblow for Langley. But Langley Center Director Roy Bridges said the memo was an attempt to get a response from the Department of Defense and private industry.”

Hampton group sees way to help Langley, Daily Press

“As layoffs, budget cuts and wind tunnel closures cast a shadow over NASA Langley Research Center, a neighboring institute in Hampton enjoys a growing work force and budget. Robert Lindberg, executive director of the National Institute of Aerospace, said his organization can help transform NASA Langley.”

NASA Langley is running out of wind, Daily Press

“Government unions and aeronautics supporters wonder how much Langley can transform before it ceases to exist. A scary question lingers on the minds of local politicians, flight researchers and Langley employees: Is NASA Langley heading toward closure?”

NASA is surviving a culture shift, again, Daily Press

“Budget cuts, wind tunnel closures and layoffs are forcing NASA Langley Research Center to go through the most painful transformation in its 88-year history. But the center has shown remarkable flexibility in the past, said Wilson Lundy, director of Langley operations.”

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