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Did KSC Ban All Employee Photography? Update

By Keith Cowing
April 30, 2019

Keith’s 12:32 PM note: I sent the following request to NASA HQ and KSC PAO:
“K. Scott Piel @spiel2001 who claims to be a “Software Engineer / TOSC @ NASA/KSC EGS/LCS – Amateur Photographer” refers to a new KSC policy that prohibits employees from any photography while on the job.
1. Has NASA KSC implemented a new policy wherein, according to Piel “employees are no longer permitted to photograph or share images from *any* operations cat KSC without authorization. Regardless of source. Photographing, or sharing images, from operations is grounds for termination.” (yes/no)?
2. If NASA KSC has implemented a new policy with regard to photography does it apply to contractor personnel only, NASA civil servants only, or both?
3. Can you provide me with a copy of the current NASA KSC policy with regard to photography – on-site – by KSC employees?”

Keith’s 1:14 PM update: NASA replied (very quickly BTW): “NASA does not have a new photo policy. All employees are required to follow federal and contractual requirements, which prevent the sharing of imagery that is export controlled and/or proprietary. I will circle back to you with the policy shortly.”
Keith’s 1:30 PM update: “As promised, I am including the language below from the Kennedy NASA Procedural Requirement that outlines KSC’s photography policy.”
“10.4 KSC Photography Policy
More below

10.4.1 Photography, including videography, is prohibited inside KSC Limited Areas and Exclusion Areas, and within NASA Critical Infrastructure Facilities, unless the photography meets at least one of the following exceptions:
a. The photographs are taken for official business. Photographs of SBU material/items will be encrypted prior to transmission and export control shall review and classify all such photographs prior to their release.
b. The photographs are taken by a member of the media operating under a properly badged escort in areas or at events that the CCS has approved.
c. The photographs are taken during an official tour conducted by a KSC Communication and Public Engagement escort with the prior approval of the CCS.
Note: KSC Limited Areas, Exclusion Areas, and NASA Critical Infrastructure Facilities include areas and facilities such as the Vehicle Assembly Building, Launch Control Center, Pad B, Multi-Payload Processing Facility, Launch Equipment Test Facility, Rotation Processing Surge Facility, Launch Abort System Facility, Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility, Space Station Processing Facility High Bay, Converter/Compressor Building, Kennedy Complex Control Center, Mobile Launcher, Kennedy Data Center, and Crawler Transporter.
10.4.2 Cell Phones and other devices with photography capability (personal or Government owned) are allowed in KSC Limited Areas, in Exclusion Areas, and within NASA Critical Infrastructure facilities, except as prohibited by other Center requirements (e.g. explosive, radio frequency, etc.) However, photography with such devices (including the use of photograph-sharing applications such as Snapchat or Instagram) is prohibited inside the area unless it meets at least one of the above exceptions.
10.4.3 Within other facilities on KSC and outdoor areas, photography of the following is prohibited:
a. KSC or CCAFS entry badges.
b. All Security Police activities and staffed entry control points without prior approval from the CCS.
c. Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities.
d. Other areas as identified due to sensitive research, Sensitive But Unclassified information, or Export Control sensitivity (i.e., ITAR articles and services).
10.4.4 The following areas are under the control of external or third parties that have the authority to prohibit photography of their assets without their express written consent:
a. Commercial/private company operations (i.e., space vehicles, equipment, launch pads) without express written consent from the company.
b. All external and internal areas of CCAFS, with the exception of areas controlled by NASA, without the express written consent from the 45th Space Wing Commander or designee.
10.4.5 To report suspicious incidents or suspected prohibited photography, contact the Protective Services Control Center at 321-867-2121. Employees who learn of an unauthorized release of photographs or lost or stolen photography device containing photographs pertaining to KSC Limited Areas, Exclusion Areas, or NASA Critical Infrastructure Facilities, must immediately report the matter to the NASA Security Operations Center at 1-877-NASA-SEC (1-877-627-2732), and the KSC Protective Services Office at 321-867-7575.

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