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Personnel News

HSPD-12 Update

By Keith Cowing
February 8, 2008

JPL back to court in background check case, Valley Sun

“On Feb. 15 Jet Propulsion Laboratory employees will be back in district court concerning their lawsuit against NASA. Twenty-eight scientists and engineers at JPL filed the suit challenging NASA’s requirement of background investigations that they contend are unconstitutional. The background checks were required in 2007 by NASA in accordance to a 2004 Bush administration directive. Background checks are required by all governmental offices due to this directive but each office can choose their own procedure, said Virginia Keeny, attorney for the JPL employees.”

NASA ARC Internal Memo: New HSPD-12 Badges Are Starting to Arrive

“Ames has started receiving and issuing the new NASA HSPD-12 compliant badges for civil servants who have completed enrollment, and non-civil servants who have completed the required background investigation and the enrollment steps. These badges are being delivered to Ames in batches.”

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