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KSC/JSC Recruiting Event at MSFC

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
February 11, 2005

NASA MSFC Internal Memo: Marshall to host KSC/JSC Recruiting Event

“On February 16 and 17, 2005, the Marshall Space Flight Center will be hosting a joint recruiting event involving recruiters from both the Kennedy Space Center and the Johnson Space Center.”

Editor’s update: Sources now suggest that this memo was sent out prematurely and that this job fair won’t be happening after all. MSFC employees report that they are getting conflicting messages from management (starting with Dave King), that the websites they are supposed to get information from do not work, and that some of their upper management have discouraged them from applying for these jobs suggesting that MSFC employees won’t be able to get jobs at other centers.

Update: this memo (below) has been sent to MSFC personnel. It would seem that the Human Resources Office at MSFC is not ready for prime time. Indeed, this is hardly the sort message for MSFC management to be sending to their employees right now when people need to be reassured that their management is looking out for them – not dropping the ball.

NASA MSFC Activity Notice: Personnel Realignment Activity For February 16-17 Canceled

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