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Making The Big Decisions at NASA

By Keith Cowing
May 29, 2009

Obama Turns to NASA Veterans to Lead Space Agency, Science
“President Barack Obama has chosen two long-time advocates of human space flight to lead NASA. On 23 May, the White House nominated former astronaut Charles Bolden Jr. and Washington lobbyist Lori Garver to take the positions of administrator and deputy administrator, respectively, for the space agency. If confirmed by the Senate, Bolden and Garver will confront a series of momentous decisions on where to take NASA in the coming decade.”
Keith’s note: Science Magazine did not do their homework. Lori Garver is not a lobbyist. In fact, she only registered as a lobbyist for one year in 1988 for NSS/SpaceCause – 21 years ago.
Bolden calls graduates to action, Houston Chronicle
“A pilot and former Marine, Bolden encouraged the young doctors and scientists to follow the principles he learned in the Corps. “It’s our core values — honor, courage, commitment,” he said. “… Be courageous in everything you do. Don’t be afraid to stand up to someone who is about to do something wrong, because you know it’s wrong. And be committed no matter where you happen to go.”

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