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Personnel News

New Faces at SMD?

By Keith Cowing
August 21, 2006

Editor’s note: Are big changes ahead at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate? With the recent departure of Carl Pilcher and Andy Dantzler from SMD, mounting concern in Congress and the scientific community about NASA’s committment to space science, and the recent resignation of Wes Huntress, Eugene Levy, and Charles Kennel from the NAC Science Subcommittee, something needs to be fixed. SMD AA Mary Cleave’s retirement – perhaps as early as November 2006 – has been discussed with some people. With senior SMD personnel departing, and many others at SMD in temporary or acting positions, now would be a good time for Mike Griffin to clear the decks and bring in a new team to get the SMD back on its feet.

Then again, with Griffin’s accelerating evisceration of NASA space science projects …

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