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Roger Mellot Memorial Information

By Keith Cowing
February 18, 2006

Reader note: “Roger Mellott’s services were held yesterday (Sunday Feb 12, 2006) at his home in Covington Louisiana. Tip Talone, Roselle Hanson, Cheryl McPhillips, and myself were in attendance from the Kennedy Space Center. Kent Rominger, the Chief, Astronaut Office at Johnson Space Center presented Roger’s wife Catherine a flag that was flow at half-staff over JSC in memory of Roger.

Also on behalf of all of NASA Roger was awarded a Distinguished Public Service Medal which is the highest honor NASA awards to anyone who was not a Government employee. The award is granted only to individuals whose distinguished accomplishments contributed substantially to the NASA mission. Representatives from KSC, JSC, MSFC, Stennis, and NASA HQ were all in attendance.

For those of you who shared your thoughts about Roger – I passed those on the Catherine and she was extremely thankful for the thoughtfulness and the memories.

We invited Catherine and Roger’s children to KSC and to the upcoming Shuttle launch so in the future Roger’s family can meet many of the people here at KSC who Roger touched.

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.


Reader earlier note: “In lieu of flowers, people can contribute to the Roger Mellott Memorial Fund which will be used for Roger’s family, including his college bound children and his infirm brother.”

“Also, the service will be held at Roger’s house (72322 Ingram St. Covington, LA 70435) at 1:00pm on Sunday. Anyone who would like to speak will be given the opportunity to do so. We would also like people to call the house if they’d like. The number is 985-893-0798 and they would appreciate hearing from anyone who wants to call. Also, there will be a good old New Orleans party to celebrate Roger’s life Saturday night starting at 9pm at his house. Anyone and everyone is invited and we ask people to bring their best ROGER stories – this is what he would have wanted!” — Paul Pastorek.

Reader note: “Friends: I spoke to Roger’s wife, Catherine,latethis evening and she tentatively plans to have a service on Sunday afternoon at Roger’s home in Covington, LA (north of New Orleans).She asked me to pass this on. She also asked me to acknowledge the warm outpouring that she has received from the NASA family and Roger’s friends.

As you all know, Roger was extremely dedicated to NASA and the success of its mission, particularly Human SpaceFlightand the personal success of the members of the NASA family.

The onlycontingency ishaving his body returned from the Cape to New Orleans. Weexpect that to happen as early as Thursday, but no later than Friday, which would allow the Sunday plan to proceed. There will be a private viewing at a time yet to be determined. He will be cremated as was his wish and an ecumenical service will take place on Sunday. Unfortunately, due to Katrina, there is very limited hotel space in Covington, but there is hotel space in New Orleans, particularly near the airport. There is also hotel space in Hammond, LA, which is not far from Covington.

I will circulate more details as soon as things firm up.

Please pass the word to Roger’s friends,particularly Russell Romanella at KSC, who has been so gracious and kind to Catherine.

— Paul Pastorek”

Reader’s note: “There are many people here at the Kennedy Space Center who consider Roger a wise counsel, a speaker of truth and a friend and advocate of NASA. His surprise passing is difficult and shocking to accept. The insight and pragmatic consideration Roger taught concerning culture and the human element will be a legacy many will be blessed to apply throughout their careers and lives.

For some, Roger was a singularly blessed gift in the form of a caring, insightful and truthful guide along the road of life. His assistance and counsel has made the difference between ruin and future for some people dealing with difficult and dangerous personal challenges arising in a NASA that is working to live up to its roots, potential and aspirations.

Independent of his frailties (a consequence of his humanity), he had the gift to speak the truth in ways that most could hear, understand and believe. A belief that they could act upon themselves and be better people and bring about a better NASA.

Roger will be missed in the most personal sense and leaves a permanent void in the heart.”

NASA Presolicitation Notice: Organizational Services, Facilitation, and Senior Executive Coaching

“Mr. Mellot has been working with JSC Senior Managers to identify, document, and assess JSC’s organization culture, future changes in the JSC Program offices and ways to capitalize on benefits of the changing environment here at JSC in an effort to enhance JSC mangers ability to adapt to change and achieve NASA’s mission.”

Editor’s note: Roger Mellot passed away in his sleep last night in Cape Canaveral. I will post more details when I learn more.

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