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Sloppy NASA IT: Someone Needs To Update NED (update)

By Keith Cowing
July 31, 2009

Keith’s 26 July note: According to the NASA Enterprise Directory or “NED”, Mike Griffin, Shana Dale, Chris Shank, Scott Horowitz, Alan Stern, Eric Sterner, Paul Pastorek, Bill Readdy, Sean O’Keefe (spelled as ‘okeefe’ in the database) Fred Gregory, Scott Hubbard, Eileen Collins, Glenn Mahone, Lee Forgsgren, John D. Rummel, Ken Bowersox, Eileen and Steve Hawley, Paul Shawcross, Steve Isakowitz, Jeff Hoffman, John Schumacher, Charles Horner, Robert “Moose” Cobb, – and, of course, Bill Oefelein and Lisa Nowak (among others) still work at NASA. Even Dan Goldin, George Abbey, and Dick Truly are listed! Some of these folks have been gone for a number of years. I also found deceased people listed with email addresses and phone numbers. Even 4 members of the Columbia STS-107 crew are listed. At least NED knows that Charlie Bolden and Lori Garver now work at NASA. Someone at the NASA Enterprise Applications Competency Center (NEACC) at MSFC really needs to touch up NED’s database.
Keith’s 27 July update: I guess someone reads NASA Watch – the names I listed (a partial list, by the way) have been removed from NED. Alas, several of my dead friends, plus crew members from Columbia are still listed. Since the NED folks seem to be relying upon my research to update their database, here’s a few more living people you list who no longer work at NASA – but are listed as if they do: Wes Huntress, Charles Pellerin, Lennard Fisk, Leroy Chiao, Thomas Paine … Buzz and Lois Aldrin (she worked at NASA?), and there’s more. Curiously, Norm Augustine is even listed.
Keith’s 31 July update: Buzz and Lois still work at NASA, it would seem. So does former NASA Administrator Truly, members of the crew of Space Shuttle Columbia, and my dead friends. It would seem that no one really cares if the information on this website is actually accurate. Either that or NASA really has no idea who actually works for the agency at any given moment.

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