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Steve Cook, MSFC Center Director?

By Keith Cowing
July 17, 2009

Huntsville Rep. Parker Griffith asks new NASA administrator to select a Marshall Space Flight Center director, Huntsville Times
“U.S. Rep. Parker Griffith, D-Huntsville, has already put in his first request to new NASA Administrator Charles Bolden: Make Robert Lightfoot the official director of Marshall Space Flight Center.”
Keith’s update: Amazingly, given that Steve Cook was either unaware (very bad) or was aware and suppressed (even worse) this report about possible crew hazards during an Ares-1 abort, Cook and his posse are still trying to position him as the next Center Director of MSFC! He is “the next von braun” after all. Meanwhile, the wagons are circled in Huntsville with the prime topic of conversation being “what do we do about this report?” Hmmm … Mike Griffin is nearby, why not give him a call?
Steve Cook Wants to Be The Next Deputy Center Director at Marshall, earlier post

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