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Today's Video: Fighting for a job I love!

By Keith Cowing
NASA Watch
September 12, 2008

Editor’s 11 Sep note: I guess this guy is about to lose his job at KSC. Too bad – he clearly loves it and he seems to do excellent work. This is a truly novel approach to try and save one’s job. I would urge others to follow.

NASA and Congressional leaders might be a little more reluctant to fire people if they had to look into their eyes and hear their story.

Editor’s update: When I posted this item 21 hours ago the video had been viewed 215 times. At this moment that count is up to 1,398. Y’all need to start making more videos. The more voices that are heard, the stronger the collective message will be.

Editor’s update: After 24 hours it is now up to 1,797 views.

Video below.

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